Monday, March 12, 2012

Click n Learn

What is clicknlearn?

ClicknLearn is a Spanish website which is developed to support English language learners. Teachers and students can find lots of language activities to suit their age and level of English. Most of the language activities are accompanied by colourful images and very visual, and some come with sounds. There will also be a series of five to six different activities and games in each of the topics once you click it.

How can teachers use clicknlearn?

As mentioned before, this site has activities for various groups of learners. Therefore, I believe it is suitable to be used for English language learners of all levels as there are activities for learners with different levels of English. Teachers may use clicknlearn to present new sets of vocabulary to students, teaching grammar, functions, as well as to reinforce what students have learnt in the classroom. In each of the activity, mostly, the new language items which are related to the topics chosen will be presented in the beginning of the activity.

Clicknlearn is also suitable for autonomous learning in which students can use this website during their own free time at home. Students may choose activities that suit their age and level and learn the language themselves. 

For teachers or students who would like to know more on how to use clicknlearn, you can watch this video by Russell Stannard.

What I like about clicknlearn...

  1. Lots, and I mean LOTS of activities for learners. And lots of language games!
  2. Very organised in terms of the categories of activities for learners of different age and level of English.
  3. Clear topics.
  4. The activities cover multiple skills (reading, listening, spelling, writing, pronunciation).
  5. More to drilling when it comes to learning vocabulary.
  6. Some activities provide context to students.
  7. The activities or the handouts can be printed.
  8. No need to set up an account.
  9. It's FREE!
  10. It is interactive. Keep the students focus on what they are doing.

What I dislike about clicknlearn...

  1. The teacher's guide and student's guide are in Spanish, and most of the instructions are in Spanish as well.
  2. Too fancy, with the 'unneeded' sound effects at the beginning of the page.
  3. Some activities do not have a 'back' button in case students need to look at the previous slides.
  4. Some activities do not have 'next' button and students have to complete the activity on a page before moving on. Cannot skip. Therefore, lack of control.
  5. Some feedback or games are too wordy and too lengthy. Students may not read them.


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