Thursday, October 13, 2011


What is LyricsTraining?

LyricsTraining is a website which allows students (or even adults!) to learn English through the use of songs. This website provides a fun approach to learn not only the English but also Spanish, Italian, Dutch, German, and French. Lyrics Training link videos of pop songs (which are Youtube-hosted music videos) and students are required to fill in the missing lyrics. 

How can teachers use LyricsTraining?

This website is suitable for secondary school students from the age of 13 and the activity can be carried out for students with intermediate level of English to advanced students. For each of the music video, there are three levels that can be chosen, Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert. For Beginner and Intermediate, learners only have to fill in the blanks of several missing words in the lyrics but for Expert, learners are required to write the full lyrics. 

If the learners get stumped or cannot complete the lyrics, the video will not continue playing until the missing lyrics are filled in. Learners can just press the 'tab' button whenever they cannot fill in the blanks and the words will automatically appear. At the end of the song, the scores will be shown and if the learners set up an account, the scores will be saved so that they may keep track of their progress.

Teachers may use this website in a listening lesson in which for schools with adequate facilities, each of the students will listen to the song of their choice from the website, and fill in the blanks. Students with the highest score will be given points and this can be carried out as a game among students.

If there is only one computer with a projector in the classroom, teachers may use LyricsTraining for a spelling quiz to make it more exciting and to give a variety of spelling quiz rather than just the traditional dictation. 

Other than that, students may use the tool to practise their listening and spelling during their own free time. This may also encourage autonomous learning among students. It may also be interesting for students as they may choose the songs that they like and probably sing along!

Here is the video by Russell Stannard to guide you in using LyricsTraining.

What I like about LyricsTraining...
  1. The most important one, it's FUN and it's FREE!!! And students can sing along!! =)
  2. Students can choose songs that they like, so it's MOTIVATING!
  3. Encourages autonomous learning.
  4. Authentic materials.
  5. Can cater students with different levels of English.
  6. Can be carried out in class or during students' leisure time.
  7. Practise vocabulary, listening skills, as well as spelling.
  8. Students can save their scores and keep track of their progress.
What I dislike about LyricsTraining...
  1. Students may be distracted by the videos.
  2. Does not have that many videos to be chosen from.


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