Thursday, October 13, 2011

Listen and Write

What is it? is a website which provides opportunities for students to practise listening and writing simultaneously. It allows students or learners to choose their choice of news or oral transmissions from the options provided in the page. Students will then have to write the words they hear in a box. 

How can teacher use Listen and Write?

This website is suitable for students in secondary schools, age 13-17, with different levels of English ranging from beginners to advanced students. For each oral transmissions, there are three modes which are Full Mode, Quick Mode, and Blank Mode. In Full Mode, students need to write the whole letter of a word and type the whole sentence. In Quick Mode, students are required to only write the first letter of a word while in Blank Mode, students are required to fill in the blanks based on the news. To use the Full Mode, students do not need to sign up but in order to use the Quick Mode and the Blank Mode, students are required to sign up and log in. In every mode, students may click the play button to listen to the sentence again. When students manage to write the correct sentence, a red 'good' appears at the end of the line to indicate that they have written the correct sentence. Students may also save their scores in order to see their progress.

If you are not sure on how to use the website, you can watch a video by Russell Stannard which will guide you in using the website.

Teachers may use Listen and Write in a listening lesson. Teachers may ask students to work individually or in pairs. Teachers may choose one oral transmissions and ask students to complete the text using Blank Mode and students finish the fastest and with the highest score will be given points. Teachers may then repeat it with another news.

Students may also use this tool to practise their listening during their own free time. Students may choose topics or news which are of their interest. This tool also allows students to improve on their spelling as they need to spell the words correctly in order to be able to complete the listening text.

What I like about Listen and Write...
  1. It's FREE!!!
  2. It's FUN!!! 
  3. Practise multiple skills like listening, writing and spelling.
  4. Encourages autonomous learning.
  5. Accommodate students with different levels of proficiency.
  6. Students can evaluate or assess themselves.
  7. Can be carried out in class or as homework.
  8. Lots of exposure to language.
  9. Allows students to repeat the sentences.
  10. The news or oral transmissions is up-to-date.
What I dislike about Listen and Write...
  1. Access to the internet and computer.
  2. Distraction (Social network like Facebook)
  3. Students may just use the 'Hint' button to complete the text.
  4. Need to sign up and log in to use the Quick Mode and the Blank Mode.
  5. The repetition of the sentence is annoying and it becomes boring when you have to listen to it many times.


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