Sunday, November 20, 2011


What is Audioboo?

Audioboo is a podcasting tool which allows us to create up to 3 minutes of audio. Users can also add title and tags once they finish recording. We can also add an image to our 'boo' and add the location of where you record your 'boo'. Once everything is done, the audio can be shared to others on Twitter and you audio can also be searched on iTunes. An account is needed in order to record and upload audio and we can use Twitter account to sign in.

How can teachers use Audioboo?

The use of Audioboo in teaching and learning English would be possible with the access of internet connection. Teachers may use Audioboo to make a podcast, for example, teacher may create a podcast asking students to write an essay on a topic and students at home will listen to the podcast and write the essay to be submitted the next day.

Other than that, teachers can also ask students to talk about their daily activities and make a podcast to be uploaded into their blogs or just uploaded into their Audioboo account. It would be sort of like asking students to keep their own 'journal'. Teachers may also ask students to email the podcast to teachers and teachers may then give feedback on students' language and context by using podcast as well. 

Here is an example of an Audioboo.
For those who would like to learn how to use Audioboo, you can watch the video by Russell Stannard.

What I like about Audioboo
  1. Can record a podcast easily or upload from phone.
  2. The podcast can be embedded to blogs, websites and etc.
  3. Suitable for giving instructions or homework to students.
  4. User-friendly website. Everything is clear and organised.
What I dislike about Audioboo?
  1. No privacy. It goes up on iTunes and twitter and everyone can listen to it. 
  2. Need to set up an account or sign in using twitter account. Not convenient.
  3. Maximum duration for recording is only 3 minutes.
  4. Facilities (need internet connection, microphone, phone)


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